रविवार, 3 मार्च 2013

Speech: Sh. Rajnath Singh at BJP National Council Meeting

National Council Meeting
2-3 March, 2013
Talkatora Stadium, New Delhi

Speech: Sh. Rajnath Singh at BJP National Council Meeting
Saturday, 02 March 2013 / Presidential Address
Friends, aftertaking over the responsibility of the national president again, I am meeting for the first time with the Karyakartas who have come from different corners of the country. It is a heartening coincidence but gives a sense of responsibility. It is heartening because the presence of all the Karyakartas gladdens the heart. It reminds of sense of responsibility because on such occasions, the expectations of Karyakartas and people of this country once more makeme aware of the challenges that lieahead of us.

Friends, the time of this national council is witness of two historical occasions. One, the Mahakumbh festival of Tirthraj Prayag is in progress and second the entire nation is celebrating the 150thanniversary of Swami Vivekananda. Mahakumbh is not only the biggest event in the world but also of the known history of the humankind. Its greatness and continuity is symbolic of the eternal strength of the life of the Indian nation. And the Indian dharma and philosophy which were propounded by Swami Vivekananda as a young sanyasi in 1892 at the age of only 29 years in the US gave a new consciousness and energy to the entire India.  Through it the history of India started taking new shape about which Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru has written in his famous book 'Discovery of India' (Page 337): "Vivekananda came as a tonic to the depressed and demoralized Indian mind and gave it self-reliance and some roots in the past".

The youth of today want to see India attaining new heights in the era of globalization. I believe that the Global recognition which Swami Vivekanand as a young sanyasi in the 19th century gave to India, it can be said on that basis that Swami Vivekananda was the first youth of modern India who understood globalization and placed his thoughts in accordance with it. So Swami Vivekananda was the first global youth of modern India. So, this occasion along with the youth power also gives us a sense of that spiritual and national dignity which is the basis of the political philosophy and ideological core of BJP.

But some sad incidents are also associated with it. On the day of mauni amavasy in Mahadkubh many pilgrims lost their lives and only few days ago in Hyderabad many innocent people were killed in bomb blasts. I extend my condolences to all the people who lost their lives in Prayag and Hyderabad on behalf of BJP.

Friends, the victory in the Gujarat legislative assembly is the most important among the good news which we have received in last few months. Though we have been winning in Gujarat assembly elections since 1995 but this victory is historic because it is the third victory in a row under the leadership of the most popular chief minister Shri Narendra Bhai Modi. Gujarat has become an example under the leadership of Narendra Bhai Modi to show what is the difference between the capacity to govern between BJP and other party's rule if opportunity is given to continue in power for a long time . We extend our greetings to Narendra Modi for this hat-trick.

Friends, we are the Karyakartas of the main opposition party of India. And there are grave challenges before the nation. The people of the country are looking at us for the resolution of these challenges.

The common man of this country is burdened with concerns. His day to day life is becoming difficult. There are much bigger challenges inside the country and on the borders.  The nation is anguished, in despair, demoralized and in anger from the Congress led UPA government. It wants change. It is looking for alternative.

In the current circumstances the alternative of UPA is BJP led NDA. The time is favourable, the only thing is that favourable conduct is expected from us.

At the time when ourmost esteemed Atal ji is not active, under the guidance of most respected Advani ji, with the hard work of Karyakartas and the strategy of our popular and capable leaders, we will definitely secure the victory. I don't see any doubt in it.

Present situation of the country

Friends, the condition of the country is despicable and it has not one but many aspects. A very grim picture emerges if we look at any area including economic mismanagement, price rise, corruption, incapable administration, directionless policies, failed diplomacy and slack internal and external security etc.

Threats to security

On the 22nd day of last month bomb blasts took place in Hyedrabad and around 16 people lost their lives and around 100 people were partially or gravely injured.  But this is not the first incident of terrorism in the country.  Today there is not a single city which is not on the target of terrorists.

In this country many terrorist incidents, one after another, have taken place in the UPA rule but excepting Kasab who was caught at the spot of Mumbai terror attack, punishment has not been meted out to any one carrying out the attacks in other incidents.

The UPA government gave severe blow to India's fight against terrorism when Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh gave up his own policy of zero tolerance towards terrorism in the wake of Mumbai attack in 2008 in the city of Sharm-el-Sheikh in Egypt. UPA government bended its knees before Pakistan in Sharm-el-Sheikh and accepted that Pakistan is also a victim of terrorism like India.

The one-sided effort which the UPA government made for friendship despite not getting expected help from Pakistanprojected the image of India as a 'Soft State'. As long as the government does not take a tough stand against terrorism, the terrorists with their emboldened spirit would keep targeting cities, trains, buses and other important institutions.

Terrorism is the most inhuman crime against the humanity. Terrorism cannot be accepted on the level of ideology, religion or as justification of any system nor can it be supported.

Whatever the Home Minister of the union government Shri Sushil Kumar Shinde said was not said without a thought. Congress party is knowingly indulging in vote-bank politics by giving communal colour to the issue of terrorism. Although the Home Minister has apologized to save the parliament session but this has been the policy of the Congress.  Whether it was the issue of Batla house encounter or the release of baseless book alleging 26/11 to be the conspiracy of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, Congress leaders have always been indulging in the vote-bank politics at the cost of national interest. It reached its nadir when a senior leader of the Congress who shed tears by visiting the homes of the accused persons in acts of terrorism in their village in Azamgarh, Uttar Pradesh but could not take out time to visit the village of the soldiers who were martyred on Indian borders by Pakistan army and whose heads were severed. I, Sushmaji and Nitin ji ourselves went to that village and saw the grief.

UPA government has weakened the fight against terrorism by talking about 'Hindu Terrorism'. The same UPA government had given a detailed report about Lashkar in Samjhauta Express blast on the basis of which US had banned Lashkar. But due to political reasons suddenly by overlooking many important facts the UPA government concocted the story of 'Saffron Terrorism'. BJP is completely against giving any religious colour to terrorism.

India is made to pay so heavily for this mistake of the UPA governmentas when the Home Minister talked about RSS-BJP giving training of terror in their camps, the head of the Lashkar Hafiz Saeed got so glad that he started moving in Pakistan in his efforts to get India declared a terrorist state. The UPA government itself gave an opportunity to Pakistan to accuse India on the issue of terrorism due to its vote-bank politics.

Congress party is neither ideologically nor mentally prepared to a wage decisive war against terrorism. Only BJP is capable of fighting a decisive war against terrorism. The other big threat to internal security is the illegal infiltration in the northeast region.

The groups of the illegal infiltrators coming from Bangladesh is not only changing the demographic profile  of the northeastern states but is also bent upon violence for economic and natural resources with the Indian citizens (among which both Hindus and Muslims are included) living in the region. While giving the judgement on IMDT Act the Supreme Court said that it amounts to external aggression over India. So, these infiltrators should be identified and returned in a time-bound programme. A National Citizen register should be made in the Northeast. Northeast is having boundaries with many foreign countries so there should be a proper policy for managing this foreign boundary issue.

UPA government has not learnt its lessons even in the face of violence in Assam. Violent incidents are taking place in 24 Pargana district in West Bengal. In other states also violence is taking place between Indians and non-Indians on one issue or the other. If UPA government doesn't take this into cognizance and reins in illegal infiltration then northeast will be in flames.

Bangladeshi infiltration is one more problem for India's security. As per Group of Ministers Report on reforming security system (2001) one and half crore Bangladeshis are in India.  Now after 12 years you can well estimate the numbers yourself. The violence which has taken place in last few months in Assam gives an insight into the challenges posed to the internal security of India. Now Bangladeshis are spreading in Tripura, Meghalaya and Arunachal Pradesh apart from Assam.

Naxalism is also a very big threat to internal security of the country like terrorism. Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh considers Naxalism the biggest threat to the internal security of the country. Even then the sphere of influence of the Naxalites is not reducing and our security forces are being killed in Naxal violence every day.

Around 250 districts or half of the country is affected by Naxalism. UPA government will have to show strong will power in facing the challenges of Naxalism. UPA government under its Integrated Action Plan included only 78 districts from among the Naxal affected districts. This Action Plan needs to be implemented in all the Naxal affected districts as soon as possible.

An integrated policy is required to deal with the Naxal problem in which apart from using the security forces, solution for economic, social and educational backwardnessof these areas will have to be provided.  And along with this there is a need to control the extreme leftist intellectuals giving intellectual support to Naxal problem at the intellectual level.

One more aspect related to internal security is that these terrorist outfits generally earn money through smuggling of drugs. As per the estimates of National Crime Bureau published in 2011 there were 28 lac drug addicts in India in 2004. Most of them were in the age group of 15 to 35. Drug addicts in such huge numbers can become a challenge to law and order in future.

One new challenge to internal security is in the form of fake currency which is spreading in the country. This problem has become progressively grave after UPA government came in power and more so after 2006. According to National Investigation Agency (NIA) around 16 thousand crore fake currency is in circulation in the country which is a big challenge to the economy.

One another aspect of internal security which is currently not taken seriously by common people is cyber terrorism. It is a grave challenge to the internal security of India and it is being called 'next generation threat'. It is a matter of grave concern for us in future. According to an estimate India is among the five main targets in view of cyber terrorism. The pace with which this problem is increasing may be gauged from the fact that in 2004, 23 incidents of cyber attacks were registered while in 2011 13,301 incidents have been registered. In India many important areas like communication, rail, air traffic, stock exchange and military command may be made targets of such attacks.

An example as to how cyber crime may disturb the atmosphere in the country was seen last year. Last year through propaganda on internet it was attempted to instigate the minority community which led to riots all over the country. It shows new kind of threats towards internal security through cyber warfare.

The issue of NCTC

The initiative which the central government has taken in relation to NCTC (National Counter Terrorism Centre) after the Hyderabad incident should be pursued honestly. The fundamental basis of the federal structure of India should not be affected.  The past record of this government in relation to terrorism has not been honest. In spite of such a huge problem the anti-terrorism bills of Gujarat and Madhya Pradeshhave been put in cold storage. If the government is so serious on the issue of terrorism that it wants to make an anti-terrorism institution like NCTC at central level then why it is not keen on enacting an anti-terrorism law at the centre. Among the countries victim of terrorism, India is the only one which has no anti-terrorism law. We have placed our views in detail on NCTC in parliament.

External security

Not only internal but also in external security the military preparedness is not as it should have been because army is not getting the proper and required arms due to scams taking place one by one in defence deals. Former army chief had also drawn the attention of the government towards the requirements of the army.  In Air Force many equipments areoutdated and not technically fit. The government should pay attention on it but instead of this the government has cut the defence budget. India is one of the most sensitive countries in view of both internal and external security.

Neighbouring countries

The condition of India is very unique and full of challenges in one sense that the biggest centre of terrorism in the world is in the neighbourhood of India i.e. in Pakistan and the past relation with it has not been very good. And the future is looking graver. After the withdrawal of US and NATO forces from Afghanistan in 2014 the situation in this region is going to become very grave for India.

After the withdrawal of US and NATO forces from Afghanistan, the interference of Pakistan and extremist forces in Afghanistan may increase. Has the central government made any planning on the strategic scenario emerging in the region in future? Will our relation be limited to commercial level with Afghanistan or some strategic aspect would be added to it.

How slack is our policy on Pakistan that the train blasts which took place in Jaunpur on 28 July 2006 in which 13 people were killed to Hyderabad blasts, hundreds of people have died in many terrorist incidents. In many incidents the proof of Pakistan's hand has been found.

How Soft State we are that among the dozen incidents only Kasab was punished for 26/11 attacks. The government investigation has not reached to any conclusion in the rest of the cases. Yes, every now and then government makes political attempt to give it saffron colour.

Pakistan is waging multi-dimensional war with India through training to terrorists, supply of weapons, smuggling of drugs, fake currencies and communal propaganda on internet which may be called Hybrid War. One of the main strategists of US Franc Hoffman has invented a new word called Hybrid War. It means a kind of war which has many dimensions and it is not easy to comprehend it accurately. This is quite suitable on what Pakistan is doing with India.Therefore India will have to show strong will power and make comprehensive policies to fight with it. But unfortunately UPA government is pursuing a slack and weak foreign policy with Pakistan. This weak foreign policy is clearly seen from Sharm-el-Sheikh to Hyderabd.

On the other side, other countries have clear and aggressive policy towards terrorism. I would like to express it with an example.  When terror attack takes place from the soil of Pakistan on US then in response the US President resolves that 'We will search you and finish you' and finishes Osama-bin-Laden from under the nose of Pakistan government.  When a terror attack takes place on Israel then the Prime Minister of Israel says 'We will hunt you down,we will annihilate you' - and then in response acts on all the terrorist hideouts with full force. And we respond to the Pakistan in the face of repeated terror attacks that 'We will not play cricket'. Can we find a foreign policy slacker and weaker than this?

The activities of China in recent years have also been a matter of concern. China is recently taking control of the deep naval base in Gwadar port near Karachi.  A military base of eleven thousand army men is being created in Pakistan occupied Kashmir. Although China denies this but it is a diplomatic reality that Pakistan and China have "all weather friendship." Apart from Pakistan, China is constructing a naval base in Hambontota in Sri Lanka.  The over active China in Maldives in the name of so called commercial activities indicates in one way or other that China is engaged in suspicious activities in the seas on three sides of India. Although China denies dam construction over Brahmaputra River but satellite images proves this. Whether giving weapons in large numbers to Bangladesh or attempt to construct road from Lhasa to Kathmandu, all these are clear signals of China's attempt to strategically corner India to which the UPA government remains a mute spectator.

We don't have good relations with Sri Lanka now. In the Palk Strait located between India and Sri Lanka harassment of fishermen by Sri Lankan navy has been taking place repeatedly. UPA government should protect the life and livelihood of the Indian fishermen. Government of India by using its diplomatic channels should also ensure rehabilitation of Tamils and through a constitutional amendment should try to make Sri Lanka act on its promise of ensuring participation of Tamils in the power.

Under the work of exchanging 'Enclaves' which the government of India is undertaking under Teesta water sharing , India will have to forgo 13,000 acres of land while Bangladesh will have to forgo 3,000 acres only. The government is not answering as to how it will compensate for this loss of 10,000 acres of land.

Whether it is the issue of coup in Maldives or internal instability in Nepal, the central government is seen as a victim of a directionless diplomatic and foreign policy in relation to its neighbouring countries.

Foreign policy

If India now wants to get is presence felt on the international forum as a super power then it will have to make its foreign policy strong and tactical. One such example was during NDA rule under the leadership of Shri Atalji when we conducted nuclear tests and finally got the recognition as a nuclear power. US President Obama has said in November 2010 in Indian parliament: India is not emerging, it has emerged. So, friends I would like to say that the beginning of that emergence had started on 13 May 1998 when Pokhran tests were conducted. The statement of Obama is a symbol of the long term outcome of strong and successful foreign policyof NDA government.

In the time of UPA also India had been scoring well in the rate of economic growth. When we handed over power to UPA the rate of GDP had reached 8.4 per cent. But it has now come down to five per cent.

Today when there is an era of globalization then the power of any country is assessed from its economic power and for this it is necessary that our diplomacy, foreign policy and economic policy are in tandem. The era of today is not only of strategic diplomacy but today diplomacy cannot be completed without economic diplomacy.

In the area of foreign policy BJP has its views about a new dimension which will be required for making the influence of India broader and deeper in future. The one sided approach of Indian foreign policy has been that we kept looking at the West and therefore now there is a talk of looking atEast which is called Look East policy. If we look at East then apart from China and Japan, India has been enjoying not only geographical and political but centuries old cultural relations with counties like Korea, Burma, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Singapore, Malaysia, Java, Sumatra, Indonesia and others.

We have cultural brotherhood with these countries. Therefore to develop good relations with these countries India should use cultural elements.

Economic mismanagement

The path paved by respected Atalji led NDA government for making India a superpower, the financial, economic mismanagement and corruption by the present government has stopped it like a speed breaker on the path.

Today GDP is coming down, the fiscal and current deficit is widening, unemployment is continuously on rise, rupee is weakening, investors are losing faith in the system and rating of India by international agencies is reducing. In whole it may be said that entire prestige of the Indian economy has been maligned.

Not only rupee is losing in comparison with the dollar along with it international investors are also losing faith in India. While during NDA rule India had become most attractive destination for foreign investors after China, the situation has reversed in today's situation. During the NDA regime it was said that it is an era of Indian success story, now in UPA regime it is said that the era of Indian success story is over.

Friends, I want to remind you that the UPA government had promised during 2008 elections that it will control price rise completely within 100 days of coming to power. What happened to that promise? Today even after being in power for nine years, according to the statistics released by Ministry of Commerce rate of inflation was at 6.62 per cent in January 2013. The government has claimed on the basis of this that the rate of inflation has come down to lowest in last 38 months.  The reality is this that the price of the industrial products are falling down and due to lack of adequate supply and the price of the necessary items are rising. So, the Consumer Price Index directly affecting the common man has risen to 11.88 per cent in January 2013.

The Finance Minister says that the fiscal deficit in the country has reached 5.2 per cent therefore government has to reduce subsidy on gas and diesel. The situation is such that in India not only in comparison of US but in comparison to Pakistan and Sri Lanka also the petrol price is highest. Who is responsible for this?  And this is at the time when we produce 30% of our requirements on our own. The rising prices of the petroleum products have broken the back of the middle class in the cities.

In the new budget presented by the government no effective measures is seen to deal with price rise and taking the economy out of recession. In the agriculture sector there is no provision made for the management on the issue of supply chain. Therefore there is possibility that prices would rise further. The funds allocated to the states of the North and the East are very less than required. In the Rail budget the manner in which the fares have been linked with the prices of petrol and diesel, it will led to continuous rise in fares.

In addition to this the UPA government continuously increased the rate of interest after coming to power. The argument was that this would control the prices but we have seen that that rate of interest and prices have been continuously rising. Due to this the entire system in industrial sector collapsed and unemployment increasedon a massive scale.

During NDA rule we were an economy of 'Surplus', under UPA rule we have become an economy of 'Deficit'. Today we need to restart the engine of economy.

Foreign Direct Investment in retail

The UPA government by assaulting the interests of middle and small traders has given approval to the policy of foreign direct investment in retail sector overlooking the objections of all social and political parties. The flowery picture painted by the government while getting it passed is far from the reality. Now even the US President is requesting the people of his country to buy from small shops. Even then they are thinking that FDI will solve all the problems. The reality is that small and medium shopkeepers will be ruined, farmers will not get benefit and many people will become unemployed.

BJP is fully committed to protect the interests of the small and medium business men and if we get the opportunity to form the government at the centre we will initiate all the possible measures in this context.

I want to remind that in July 2008 while getting the Indo-US nuclear deal passed the government had said that the energy problem of the country would be solved but what is the condition of energy after four and half years? The situation is that in the last year July power failure had led to two days of darkness in the entire India. In future something like this will happen to the claims in favour of FDI.


The UPA government in the last nine years has written a dark chapter of corruption that shows a definite pattern in it. And it is that,'never take responsibility' and 'link everything to the NDA government'.

The most recent is AugustaWestland helicopter deal. The CEO of this helicopter company has been arrested in Italy for giving bribes in India.

It is surprising that the official is caught in Italy. But UPA government doesn't know the secret as to who had taken commission in India. And even if it knows it wants to maintain a studied silence. The government remained silent for eleven months and gave clean chit to the company. And when these things came in public knowledge then the UPA government immediately and as per its definite pattern changed stance and alleged and this deal was struck by the NDA government which was not in power for last nine years.

If all the policies with regard to all issues including Indo-US nuclear deal, CWG, 2G and AugustaWestland helicopters were made by NDA government then what were you doing for last nine years?  If NDA had made the policies then that policy was tainted by you and now you are purely indulging in politics.

Defence minister says that 'nobody will be spared'. It is being said that the hands of the law are very long but I doubt that as the Defence Minister and UPA government continue to remain in power the hands of the law would ever reach the height to the level of the helicopter deal is linked. If the government is honest to nail the culprits than instead of trying to do eyewash by forming JPC, they should lodge a proper FIR and proceed with criminal investigation.

Due to this corrupt policy of the UPA rule, India which was known for IT hub and knowledge based economy is today known for corruption.

Today the blot put on the image of India on the issue of corruption had never happened before. Today we have been counted among the most corrupt countries of the world.

Transparency International has placed India on 94th position in its Corruption Perception Index. First time in 2007 India was placed at 72nd position among 180 corrupt countries. India has been shown as a corrupt country in the Country Performance and Institutional Assessment of the World Bank.

In the World Bank's "Doing Business Index" India has been placed at 132nd position in the list of 183 countries. India is behind the regions like Honduras and Gaza strip and only above Nigeria and Syria.

Myanmar, Sudan, Afghanistan, Somalia and North Korea are at the lowest rung of the ladder of corruption in the world. If corruption is not reined in then the danger is that India will get position along with the countries who have earned the epithet of most corrupt countries.

It is our charge that Congress alone is responsible for the monstrous expansion of corruption in the last nine years. Today Congress government is so much dipped in corruption that this government has changed the definition of democracy given by Abraham Lincoln. I believe that 'this government is by corruption, of corruption and for corruption.'

Friends, people generally discuss about the naamrashi (name linked with astrology). Sometimes nature gives the solution of the problem in the same name. For example, Ram killed Ravan, Krishna killed Kansa, Obama killed Osama and similarly we believe that corruption will kill Congress.

Friends, there is a principle called Opportunity Cost in economics which means the money spent on the work if gets diverted and used for some alternative work then its valuation should also be taken in account while calculating the cost. If we apply this economic principle on the amount gone in corruption then we would find that the cost of the corruption is much more than we think.

Had the lakhs of crores of public money looted in coal block allocation, 2G Spectrum, food grain scam and other scams been used properly then all the villages and towns in thecountry would have been connected with good roads and all would have got power. Thousands of hospitals and schools would have been opened along with many world class technical institutions and the army would have got hundreds of new weapons. Therefore I clearly believe that had corruption not taken place our country would have become a super power. But contrary to it, the current government due to its corrupt policies today put the common people in such a reactionary state of mind that the entire society is sitting over volcano, it needs to be stopped.

If the entire economic growth during this government is to be expressed in a Mathematical formula then the economic policy of the government could be expressed in 8/9, 4/5 formula. You will ask what this formula is. During NDA rule the development rate was around 8/9 per cent and rate of inflation was around 4/5 per cent. In the 8/9 years of rule of UPA government the formula has been reversed. The rate of inflation has risen to more than 8/9 per cent and the rate of development has come down to around 4/5 per cent.

The BJP and NDA governments in the states have also registered grand achievements in development rates.

If our government is formed in the Centre then we will not aim for just 9 or 10 per cent growth rate but we will frame our economic policies keeping in mind great goals. In the 21st century which is considered tobe the century of Asia by the world, India has to give leadership to the world and we need to frame our policies keeping China in mind. Today China's GDP is around 8.5 trillion dollar and India's GDP is 1.8 trillion dollar. We will have to determine our economic policies keeping in mind this huge gulf.

Not only in economic and strategic areas but also in field of agriculture news of scam by UPA government is coming to the fore.  As per the reports published in the media, huge corruption has taken place in the loan waiver scheme announced by the central government in 2008.

As per media reports it has come to light that in the plan made for 3.5 crore farmers CAG has found huge bungling and lapses when audit of only 90,000 farmers have taken place. I demand from this National Council meeting that the scam which has come out in the preliminary investigation of CAG in the name of waiving of the loans of the farmers in 2008 should be investigated and those who have indulged in corruption in the name of farmers should be punished.

Farmers and the downtrodden

The real picture of the Indian economy today is that the rate of development at the time of NDA rule has come down to around half of it. The gap between rich and poor is widening very rapidly.

The world reputed newspaper New York Times (May 5, 2012) in its article 'Never mind Europe, worry about India', while commenting on the Indian economy says, "What is disturbing is that much of the decline in growth rate is unevenly distributed with greatest burden falling on poor. The problem of Euro Zone is pittance by comparison".

The widening gulf between rich and poor in India is seen by those sitting in New York but those in New Delhi are unable to see it. Government of India is engaged in hiding the statistics of poverty line on the basis of Rs 32 and Rs 26.  I want to say to the leaders sitting in the government to work on the issue of poverty with sensitivity and not with statistics. Try to see the pain of poverty not through the statistics but through the eyes of the poor.

In the recommendation of the high power committee of the Finance Ministry it was said that 98 per cent industry is in the unorganized sector. But this huge sector gets only 1.4 per cent of the bank loans. The thinking behind economy should be such that not only to big multi-national companies but the light of development reaches to farmers in the villages, rickshaw pullers on the roads, labourers running dhabas also.

The economic policy of the present government has been insensitive and full of neglect for the biggest section of the people who are involved in agriculture. On an average one farmer commits suicide every 12 hours. 70 per cent of the population dependent on agriculture is in a very pitiable condition in the country. This government has presented a very condemnable example of insensitiveness by indulging in corruption in the loan waiver scheme.

58 per cent farmers of this country are living around the poverty line. The European Union and US give huge subsidy to their farmers while India which is known as krishi pradhan country is following an economic policy which by considering agriculture an unproductive sector is encouraging people to migrate to other vocations. For the last one decade per person agriculture production has stagnated at one per cent average growth rate. Not a single inch has increased in arable area of land from 1250 lakh hectare for last 30 years. Even then agriculture is the biggest source of employment. In 2011, 45.5 per cent work force was engaged in agriculture.

The average annual rate of agriculture production of 8 per cent for last 30 years is very less compared to other countries of the world. For example in Australia 10.8 tonne per hectare rice was produced in 2010 which is three times more than India's 3.3 per cent.

Two-third of 40 per cent population of India between 13 to 35 years lives in villages. Therefore the resolve to develop young India cannot be completed by overlooking two-third youth.

India has the largest, most fertile and most densely populated plain in the world. Therefore our economic policy should be made by keeping in mind this natural potential.

Even in the face of fast pace of economic development of the world the biggest necessity is food grain. India has the capacity to become the biggest centre of food grain production in the world. If we want to see India leading the world in 21st century, India will have not to be made only manufacturing, financial or intellectual capital because many countries are its claimant but along with this India will have to become agriculture capital also.It is because only India traditionally has the geographical, natural and human resources.

It is our resolve that if we are given power at the centre then in 21st century we will try to establish India the 'Agriculture Capital' along with 'Intellectual Capital' in the world.

This is getting reflected in our work. Our state governments have done wonderful job in agricultural sector. While every farmer in Gujarat has a card showing the quality of the soil, Guajrat is the only state where water table has risen and all farmers have got soil card. In Madhya Pradesh the agriculture growth rate has reached the record level of 18.96 per cent. Karnataka followed by Madhya Pradesh became the states disbursing loans to the farmers at 0% and the other works in addition to this done by our governments in Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Karnataka will be given by our chief ministers.

Friends, I have been the Minister of Agriculture of this country. I got the opportunity to see the hardships of the farmers from close quarters. If we get the opportunity to come to power we will try that:

    Not only minimum support price for farmers but his income should be insured. If we come in power we will implement 'Agriculture Income Insurance Scheme'.
    We will make food security bill more practical and reform the Public Distribution System in line with Chhattisgarh.
    We will make a national water policy for the proper resolution of water table and irrigation problem.
    We will reconsider the policy of agricultural loan.
    We will give preference to milk production and dairy.
    In Punjab and Haryana where the fertility of the soil has decreased due to use of chemical fertilizers, we will make micro nutrients available at reasonable prices to increase the fertility of the soil.
    We will make an 'Integrated policy' to use solar power, wind power and biogas at village level for power and water.
    We will promote organic farming in agricultural sector as far as possible and promote production of rice and wheat through Swadeshi technology like System of Rice Intensification (SRI), System of Wheat Intensification (SWI) in which less water and organic fertilizers are used and cultivation is done without GM technology. The results are very encouraging in the initial tests.

Increasing crime against women

Two months back in the month of December the incident of horrendous rape of a woman in capital Delhi has raised the sensibilities of the entire nation. The central government has brought an ordinance after the report of the Justice JS Verma Committee constituted by central government on which discussion has to take place in parliament.

BJP is of the opinion that if the victim dies in gruesome crime like rape or suffers lifelong disabilities or attempt is made to bring physical deformation by throwing acid the provision of capital punishment should be made.

The crime against women will not stop only by enacting strong laws. For this work will have to be done at various levels. Firstly, activism and sensitization at the level of police and administration should increase, secondly awareness campaign with the participation of women should be conducted in the society and thirdly it should be made essential to give moral education and training in samsakaras.


India is today the youngest country in the world. Most of the youth of the entire world are in India. The youth of India have scored many achievements at the international level. Indian youths have made their own identity in the area of software.

But the other reality is also there that two-third of the youth live in villages. It is the youth which is struggling with poverty, unemployment in the backward regions of Jharkahnd,Chhattisgarh, Odisah, Andhra Pradesh, Bengal and Bihar and the biggest section coming under the Naxal influence is youth.

The purpose is to say that the problem of youth in India is diverse. But the biggest problem is that of unemployment because this is the first problem taking advantage of which youth are easily drawn towards crime and terrorism.

During the time of NDA government employment generation was given primacy. In the history of independent India the maximum employment generation was done during NDA rule and due to the wrong economic policies of the UPA government unemployment has relentlessly increased. If the rate of growth remains 5 per cent then there is a danger of getting crores of youth unemployed.

One other aspect which is linked to youth is the declining moral values. The Delhi gang rape case is also in a way or other showing the same danger. The society and the government should together attempt to make youth inclined towards Indian and moral values.

Refugees in India

In India families belonging to minorities living in Pakistan have taken refuge in last few days. Due to lack of any well thought refugee relief and rehabilitation policy, the refugees coming to India have to live in an atmosphere of uncertainty.

There is a need of making a proper refugee policy keeping the distinction between an infiltrator and a refugee. India has been a place of refuge for the victim groups since ancient times. But infiltration cannot be promoted in this name. A clear and special refugee rehabilitation policy should be made in the context of those who are justifiably refugees and those who are coming as victims. If we get an opportunity to form the government we will make a rational refugee policy.

Jammu & Kashmir

We condemn the manner in which democracy is being suppressed by terrorist outfits at the panchayat level.The government of Jammu and Kashmir is not only dilly-dallying in giving financial help to the panchayats but has even failed in ensuring the safety of the sarpanchs. In the last one year terrorist organizations have killed many sarpanchs and publicly warned them to resign from their position. Due to fear from the terrorists, hundreds of sarpanchs have collectively tendered their resignation. Sarpanchs are demanding security but the state government is not obliging them. I have written a letter to the Prime Minister in this context but the UPA government has been maintaining silence on this.

There are 111 seats in Jammu & Kashmir Assembly out of which elections are held only on 87 seats as 24 seats lies in PoK that remain vacant. We think that the provisions should be made to fill these 24 seats by nominations from the people displaced from PoK.

Telangana and the issue of separate state

For the formation of Telangana mass movement is going on for many years but UPA government is consciously overlooking it. Union Home Minister in ashow of commitment towards the formation of Telangana had fixed 28 January as its deadline. Even then the dream of Telangana has not been realized till date. The government of Andhra Pradesh does not look that tough towards Naxal groups and active jehadi groups in Hyderabad as it is seen in suppressing the movement for Telangana. We understand the sentiments of the people of Telangana and if NDA government is formed in the Centre we will pave the path for the formation of Telengana state.

Our state governments

The people of country are fed up with the corruption and misgovernance of the UPA government. In this context the memory of NDA government led by Atal ji is like memory of the golden era. Our state governments of today are keeping up that tradition of development and good governance.


The state GDP is continuously increasing due toefficient financial management. In terms of growth rate Chhattisgarh is one the four front runner states. In 2009-10 the growth rate of Chhattisgarh was 11.49 per cent which was highest in that year in the country. In agriculture and related sectors the growth rate of Chhattisgarh has been among the five highest growing states. Under the rule of our government the per person power consumption has increased from 350 units to 1547 units per year.

Chhattisgarh is the first state which enacted the food security act. Under this 90 per cent of the population of the country has got the benefit of food and protein security. In the public distribution system Chhattisgarh has given a grand example before the country.


Friends, in Karnataka first BJP government was formed in South India. In the last four years BJP government of Karnataka has done many wonderful works. Along with IT and infrastructure, in the field of agriculture alsoKarnataka achieved high rates of growth in the country. Karnataka became the first state in the country to give loans to the farmers at zero per cent and present a separate agriculture budget in 2011-12. For this in agriculture the state of Karnataka received 'National Leadership Award for Leadership in Agriculture' in 2011.

Karnataka became the first state in the nation for constituting 'Skill Commission' to develop skills for employment. I firmly believe that in the coming legislative assembly elections Bharatiya Janata Party will again form government through its spectacular performance.


Entire country is witness to the level of change whichhas been brought in Bihar after NDA government came in power. Bihar government has done some extraordinary works. In the eleventh five year plan Bihar had highest growth rate of 11.95 per cent. It has become the first state which has constituted an agriculture cabinet by combining 18 departments related to agriculture. Bihar government has made an agriculture roadmap. Because of this efficient agriculture policies a farmer in Nalanda district has set up a world record by producing 22 tonnes per hectare of rice. This record was previously with China.


The biggest achievement of the NDA government of Punjab is that they have normalized the highly communal environment created by previous Congress governments. Several new landmarks of development are set by Punjab government along with normalizing the social environment. Punjab government has undertaken various projects of infrastructure and industrial development maintaining their glorious record of agricultural production. Due to this we have created a history by winning the second term for the first time in the history of Punjab.

Madhya Pradesh

MP government has written a new saga of development. Per capita income has gone up three times and agriculture growth rate has touched the record level of 19 per cent. Ithas become the second state after Gujarat to provide 24 hour power. Some programmes like 'Ladli Laxmi Yojana' of MP government has drawn the national attraction. MP government has given Public Service Guarantee Act which ensures the delivery of government service in a definite period. More than hundred services hare brought under its purview. World Bank has praised and UN has awarded MP government for good administration. The government has undertaken a unique cultural initiative by 'Mukhya Mantri Tirtha Darshan Yojana'.


The BJP's government in Goa has launched huge infrastructure projects along with several other development works. Goa is the first State to reduce the prices of Diesel and Petrol. It is also actively promoting women empowerment through schemes like 'Ladli Lakshmi Yoajana' and ' Griha Adhaar Yojana'. Electronic ration cards have been issued to almost all the people of the State. The government is also providing for upto 90 percent subsidy on purchasing cows through ' Nav Kamdhenu Yojana'. The Manohar Prrikar led BJP government has also passed Lokayukta Bill in the assembly to ensure clean and transparent administration.


The records of development set by Gujarat government have not only being praised in the country but in the entire world. Gujarat has become an example of efficient and transparent administration. It is the first state to provide 24 hour power and now clean water to everybody. Since last eleven years agriculture growth rate is above 10 per cent. All farmers are having soil card and by programmes like 'Chiranjeevi Yojana' every pregnant woman is getting medical aid.

The efficient administration of Gujarat is also being praised in European Union, Britain and in the reports of the US Congress. Gujarat has become a symbol of pride for BJP.

So our all state governments have set up new records of good governance.

Shri Ram Setu

Recently central government has informed Supreme Court that it has dismissed the RK Pachauri committee report which was constituted by the government itself on the issue of Ramsetu on the idea of taking ahead Setu Samudram project on the basis of serious facts.

RK Pachauri committee report had dubbed Setu Samudram project economically and ecologically non-viable and even suggested an alternate route other than Shri Ramsetu. In addition to this committee, many experts have expressed doubtsas due to demolition of Ramsetu many natural resources available with India in sea would be lost. The danger of tsunami may also increase. But the government by overlooking all these suggestions is bent upon demolishing the setu.

In addition to this, Ramsetu is an integral part of not only of Indian culture and dharma but the very existence of India. In ancient scriptures the expanse of India is called 'Asetu-Himachal' which means that the expanse of this country is from setu (Ramsetu) to Himachal. If setu is not there then a symbol of India's identity will be lost.

UPA government is engaged in destroying many symbols of Indian culture. It is so unfortunate and ridiculous that five years back the central government had said in an affidavit in Supreme Court that Ram is not historic, though it was taken back in the face of public anger.  Such unnecessary questions are being raised in relation to Shri Ram Janam Bhoomi also. It is the thinking of the government of the country of Ram and see the irony that the country of Ravana i.e. Sri Lanka and its government officially considers Bhagwan Ram historic and protects the places related to him.

The attempt like this, attack on Shri Ram and Ramsetu was not made even in the time when India was enslaved and under direct foreign rule. The thing which 'Angrez and Aurangzeb' could not think of doing, UPA government is trying to do.

This government gives the argument that since Rs. 800 crore has been spent so the Setu Samudram project should move ahead. It seems that this government has been reduced to a trading government. This government has given up its honesty and dignity for money and it is now attempting to give up Bhagwan Ram for money. The symbols of the glory of civilizations are not exchanged for money.

BJP wants to make it clear that if it comes in power it will accept the recommendations of the Pachauri Committe.  Whether an alternate route will have to be taken for Setu Samudram project or this project will have to be scrapped, we will not allowthe demolition of Shri Ramsetu at any cost. Because it is an issue related to the faith of crores of Hindus. We will declare Shri Ramsetu a national memorial and will try to get it declared a World Heritage by the UNO.


Hindutva is an issue for which the BJP is targeted by its adversaries.

To understand as to what is Hindutva I want to give an example. In August 2009 famous writer Lisa Miller wrote an article 'We all are Hindus' in the reputed international magazine News Week. By reading it you will feel as if people are becoming Hindu by conversion in US. But in this article it has been written that in the US crores of people are fast getting attracted towards vegetarian food, yoga, meditation, herbal medicine and not only this according to this article to find God, attraction towards more than one idea, more than one mode of worship and even towards rebirth is increasing in US. So unknowingly the people in US are moving towards Hindu values of life.It is clear from the article that Hindutva is not a sect; it is a way of life which influences various dimensions of any individual.  The Supreme Court also in its judgement in 1995 made it clear that Hindutva is neither a religion nor a sect but a way of life. Friends, it is a way of life which has given the message of peace and non-violence not only to India but to the entire world. It has given Buddha and Gandhi to the world. It is that way of life which leave alone religion or human being, sees divinity equally in living and non-living beings. Integral Humanism as propounded by Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay which is our political ideology also gives contemporary explanations of these eternal values of Indian culture.

Hindutva and minorities

Hindutva is a way of life due to which all the religions in the world exist. Friends, India is the only country in the world where not only all the religions but all their sects are found. As per my knowledge there are 72 firka in Islam. India is the only country in the world where followers of all the 72 firka are present. Among Christians, not only Roman Catholic, Protestant, Seventh Day Advetis, Evangelists but Eastern Orthodox and Syrian Church are also found in India. If in the entire world the place where Jews were not persecuted then it was India.  Parsis are found today only in India. Therefore the basis of this composite cultureof India is Hindutva. And we take inspiration for our ideology from it.

Being inspired by this notion Bharatiya Janata Party has never discriminated on the basis of religion and caste in the society. As a Karyakarta of the party I have always kept this in my mind. As chief minister of Uttar Pradesh when I organized panchayats of different sections of the society in the chief minister house then I also organized panchayats of Arabi and Persian madarsas.

Due to this way of life India is the only country in the known history of the world which has never carried out invasions on other countries and tried to include them in India. India is the only country in the world which never went for invasion. It is the way of life which does not inspire a person to conquer the world but to conquer the heart of the people. The belief of BJP is clear with regard to Hindutva which was expressed by our respected Atal Bihari Vajpayee in 1950 as a young leader:

"Ho Kar swatantra maine kab chaha, main kar loon jag ko ghulam,

Maine to sada sikhaya hai, karna apne man ko ghulam,

Bhu-bhag nahi shat-shat manav ke hriday jitney ka nishchay,

Hindu tan-man, Hindu jivan, rag-rag Hindu mera parichay."

Why only BJP for the future of India

Friends, India is a country of youth and every youth wants to see India as a great country in the 21st century but do we have the capacity and the vision which can make India great in the 21st century. Friends, today the entire country is looking at the BJP. Congress was formed before independence, it was formed by Britishers in the 19th century and Congress saw its peak in the 20th century. BJP was formed after independence in the 20th century and when India entered the 21st century the leadership of India was in the hands of BJP under the leadership of Atal ji. Friends, 20th century belonged to congress and 21st century will belong to the BJP.

We all know that when Congress came in power after independence then it kept all the pre-independence systems intact. India could never come out of the slave mindset.  We kept imitating sometimes Russia and other timesthe US in our political and economic philosophy. We continued to ignore the traditional mine of knowledge and science due to this slave mindset imposed on us by the Britishers. Today it is being said across the world that India has the capacity to become the 'Intellectual Capital' of the world.

I am not saying all this due to some political bias but on the basis of facts. You all have mobile phones in your hands and we are living in an era of communication revolution. All this India has learnt from West. It is true that we have attained expertise after learning this but what have we given to the world in science and technology. Are we capable of giving a new technology to the world? I believe that we are fully capable of doing so. But after independence even after being in power for a long time Congress never paid attention towards Fundamental Scientific Research. And the reality is that the one who focuses on Fundamental Scientific Research leads the world. Today the most powerful country in the world is the US which became a superpower after inventing the atom bomb.

India also has capabilities to do something like this. Friends, I have been a student of physics so I want to draw your attention towards the experiment taking place in Fundamental Physics. We all know that from mobile to internet and TV all function on the basis of digital signals. It was possible to make digital signals when Quantum Mechanics was discovered hundred years back. The principle through which Quantum Mechanics was found was 'Uncertainty Principle' propounded by Werner Heisenberg, if Heisenber had not propounded Uncertainty Principle then Quantum Mechanics would not have come. And Digital Signal and communication of this age could not have come to this stage.

Heisenberg learnt the Uncertainty Principle from the philosophy of Veda of this country. Heisenberg came to India in 1929 and met Rabindra Nath Tagore. In this meeting he discussed with Tagore different topics related to Vedic philosophy and theoretical physics. Assistant of Heisenberg and Austrian scientist Fritjof Capra has himself written in his book 'Uncommon Wisdom' on page no 42-43, "In 1929 Heisenberg spent sometime in India as the guest of celebrated Indian poet Rabindranath Tagore, with whom he had long conversations about science and Indian philosophy. This introduction of Indian science brought Heisenberg great vision, he told me. He began to see that the recognition of relativity, interconnectedness, and impermanence as fundamental aspects of physical reality, which had been so difficult for himself and his fellow physicists, was the very basis of the Indian spiritual traditions. 'After these conversations with Tagore', he said, 'some of the ideas that had seemed so crazy suddenly made more sense. That was a great help for me."

And last year in July in the CERN laboratory of Europe God particle was discovered, the scientific name of which is Higgs Boson. It has been considered to be the biggest scientific discovery of the 21st century. And it is being said that this discovery may bring biggest change in human life in the 21st century. The basis of the discovery of this particle had been established 70-80 years back by taking inspiration from a similar principle by the great scientist of India Satyendra Nath Bose. The word 'Boson' in the name of this particle is taken from the name of Satyendra Nath Bose. It is said about SN Bose that he always used to be in the state of meditation and used to solve the scientific problems with alacrity. Famous scientist Neil Bohr had also accepted this capacity of Bose.

It means that we had the basic principle of today's digital revolution and we have the basic principles of future revolution. The lacunae lies with out policies that we never paid attention to 'Research of Fundamental Science' and we fear to even think due to colonial mindset that in these fundamental researches the basis is our traditional knowledge.

If we get an opportunity to rule the country then we will promote research in fundamental science and Indian science. We will promote research in fundamental science and also research of scientific aspect of our traditional wisdom. The Indian capacity to lead the world in 21st century will come to fore only when basic science and basic technology will be our own.

We can make new Swadeshi technology by research in Fundamental Science. We can become self-reliant in the field of defence by making weapons through this technology. Therefore our other preference will be to become self reliant in the field of defence equipments. It will lead to strengthening of defence and save crores of dollars.

What we mean to say is that what is being seen by the world as contribution of India in the form of ayurveda, yoga and environmental protection can be extended to the field of mathematics and science on the basis of traditional knowledge of India which we have forgotten in the era of slavery.

Congress which was formed in the time of slavery has failed to come out of that mindset. Therefore Congress never had the self confidence to establish the real capacity of India at the world level. If we come to power then we assure you that BJP has the vision which can make India the Intellectual Capital of the World and even more than that it can again make India the Jagatguru.

Alternative economy

We all have seen the fall of communism in last decade of 20th century and in the first decadeof the 21st century capitalism is faltering. Today the world needs a new alternative economy in this century itself. Only India is in possession of the basis of that alternative. We need to understand this. The basis of this alternative is implicit in the ideas of two biggest legacies of the world, Bhagwan Buddha and Mahatma Gandhi. While Budhha said 'samyak vichar' and 'samyak karma' which means the political and economic philosophy of Buddha was that of middle path, that is not to take extreme view of any idea - whether it is capitalism or communism.

Outlining the future system of India Mahatma Gandhi had written a book Hind Swaraj in 1909 in which he highlighted the vices of West oriented development and he indicated that this direction will not only lead India but the entire world into various complex problems. Today we are witnessing this.

Therefore by avoiding the extreme form of consumerism, promoting proper saving, making balance with the nature, meting out social responsibilities, a new Swadeshi economy protecting our moral values will be the alternate model of our economic development. It will not be opposed to globalization but would rectify its lacunae and will work to give a new direction to the entire world.

So, for the 21st century the vision of BJP is:

    Alternate model based on saving not expenditure
    Research in fundamental science
    Self reliant defence production
    Research in traditional Indian wisdom (like organic farming & Ayurveda)

'To make India Intellectual & Agricultural capital of the world'

This will eradicate poverty, unemployment and will make India emerge as a powerful country in the world along with those symbols of highest values of human life for whichit is known from Bhagwan Ram, Krishna to Bhagwan Budhha and Mahatma Gandhi.

Booth committee

BJP has a huge organization. But to take it to the grass root level is the responsibility of all of us. We are already conducting the programme of taking our organization to the booth level. We should ensure that all booth level committees should be formed in a specific time limit.

Karyakarta and Organisation

Bharatiya Janata party is a cadre based organization. Even today the people of the country expect a unique and distinguished conduct from all of us Karykartas. We all enthusiastic Karyakartas want to do something for the party and the country. But in politics, dignity and self- restrain also have an important place. In politics there is a subtle thing hidden that a person attains high esteem in politics not only by what he has done but by what he could have done but he didn't or in other words what he has not done despite having the opportunity and allurement.

Among the ideals in Indian politics Mahatma Gandhi has shown it by realizing it in his life. Gandhi's greatness lay, according to his biographer Louis Fischer, in doing what everyone else could have done but he did not. It means that we should keep in mind what we should not do along with what we should do. The people of this country are more sensitive about the BJP Karyakarta on the issue of what should not be done.

The basic unit of organization is Karyakarta. Karyakarta should have clear concept about self, organization, society and country. In all these four aspects the preferences as ideal soldier of the organization should be clear.

In my opinion the most important element which should be present at the individual level is 'self-restraint'. At the level of organization when we have to work together with many Karyakartas then the necessary element is 'coordination'. After establishing coordination in the party organization the element which should inspire the response of the Karyakartas in taking up the problems related to various aspects of the society is 'service and struggle'.  Moving ahead of social struggle when we think at the level of nation then the element which should be given utmost primacy is 'devotion'. Since our individual conduct based on the power of restrain, collective power emanating from the coordination of organization and the power which was attained through the struggle waged for the social case should be finally devoted to the feet of Bharat Mata.

If we summarize it, then the main mantra for all the Karyakartas for the organization should be:

'Self-restraint' at individual level

'Coordination' at organizational level

'Service and Struggle' at social level

'Devotion' at the level of nation.

So, restraint,coordination, struggle and devotion should be our main mantras.

I believe that BJP has extremely rare and dedicated karyakartas for the country. We have only to keep in mind that all work done by us in the society should be aimed at increasing the prestige of party, organization and nation.

In this context I want to give an example that when Hanuman ji reached Lanka looking for Sita Mata then he found Sita ji sad so he assured that in a few days Bhagwan Ram would come with the vanar sena and free her from this pain by killing all the demons. Sitaji said O' son monkeys are very small and weak and these demons are very powerful and giant. Therefore I am getting doubtful'. Tulsi has written in Ramcharitmanas that then Hanumanji showed a glimpse of his huge and awful form and coming back again to his normal form humbly said by folding his hands;

'Abahin matu main jaun livai, prabhu ayasu nahi Ram duhai'

Which means that 'O mother, leave aside the entire monkey army I alone am capable of freeing you even now. But in doing this the prestige of my army of monkeys and my adorable lord Shri Ram would not increase. Therefore I'll do this job with him'.

So, even though we all karyakartas are capable at an individual level we have not to do anything alone but work with the sense of togetherness. Like Hanuman ji all our work should be aimed at increasing the prestige of entire organization and the centre of our devotion this nation.

Coming elections

Friends, the year 2013 is important for us. In a few months elections in Karnataka will take place. In November this year elections will take place in Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan and Delhi. Possibly the election of Jharkhand may also take place this year. All these states are very important for us. The elections for the Lok Sabha may also take place at any time. May be this is the last National Council meeting before the Lok Sabha elections. It is clear that we all karyakrtas will have to gear up in preparations for the Lok Sabha when we go back to our respective place after the meeting with the resolve of victory in all the elections and finally for the Lok Sabha.

Bharat Mata Ki Jai !!

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