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BJP HISTORY : It’s Birth and Early Growth

BJP HISTORY : It’s Birth and Early Growth By Late Shri K.R. Malkani (19-11-1921 to 27-10-2003) (Ex-Vice-President of BJP) and Lt. Governor Pondicherry (31-7-2002 to 27-10-2003) | B haratiya Janata Party is today the most prominent member of the family of organisations known as the “Sangh Parivar”. And RSS has always been dubbed “communal”, “reactionary” and what not by its detractors. Sanghs of swayamsevaks have of course always shaken off that criticism like so much water off a duck’s back. They have never had any doubt that the organisation is wedded to national unity, national integrity, national identity and national strength through individual character and national character. And today this organisation is poised for a great leap forward. Even its long- time detractors think and say that now BJP is “unstoppable”.What is the story of this national epic? H istory is the philosophy of nations. And the Sangh Parivar has a very clear and candid conception of Indian