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Lepakshi Shiv Temple

Lepakshi Temple

सत्य, सनातन, सुन्दर, शिव! सबके स्वामी।
अविकारी, अविनाशी, अज, अन्तर्यामी ॥1॥ हर हर.॥

आदि, अनन्त, अनामय, अकल, कलाधारी।
अमल, अरूप, अगोचर, अविचल, अघहारी ॥2॥ हर हर.॥

ब्रह्मा, विष्णु महेश्वर, तुम त्रिमूर्तिधारी।
कर्ता, भर्ता, धर्ता तुम ही संहारी ॥3॥ हर हर.॥

रक्षक, भक्षक, प्रेरक, प्रिय, औढरदानी।
साक्षी, परम अकर्ता, कर्ता, अभिमानी ॥4॥ हर हर.॥

मणिमय-भवन निवासी, अति भोगी, रागी.
सदा श्मशान विहारी, योगी वैरागी ॥5॥ हर हर.॥

छाल-कपाल,गरल-गल, मुण्डमाल,व्याली।
चिताभस्मतन, त्रिनयन, अयनमहाकाली ॥6॥ हर हर.॥

प्रेत-पिशाच-सुसेवित, पीतजटाधारी।
विवसन विकट रूपधर रुद्र प्रलयकारी ॥7॥ हर हर.॥

शुभ्र-सौम्य, सुरसरिधर, शशिधर, सुखकारी।
अतिकमनीय, शांतिकर, शिवमुनि-मन-हारी ॥8॥ हर हर.॥

निर्गुण, सगुण, निरंजन, जगमय, नित्य-प्रभो।
कालरूप केवल हर! कालातीत विभो ॥9॥ हर हर.॥

सत्, चित्, आनंद, रसमय, करुणामय धाता।
प्रेम-सुधा-निधि, प्रियतम, अखिल विश्वत्राता ॥10॥ हर हर.॥

हम अतिदीन, दयामय! चरण-शरण दीजै।
सब बिधि निर्मल मति कर अपना कर लीजै ॥11॥ हर हर.॥
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Lepakshi Temple


A beautiful village of Andhra Pradesh which is situated in the eastern region of Hindupur is known as Lepakshi. This village is the part of the district of Anantapur in the state. In India this place is famous country wide because of the settlement of numerous ancient temples here. These temples are of great significance and were built in the 16th Century. A large number of religious people visit these temples throughout the year as well as these temples are the centre of attraction for the archeologists and history lovers too.
Andhra Pradesh: Perfect Destination for Making Your Vacations Memorable

The main attraction of this village is the Lepakshi Temple which is built in a very magnificent architectural style of Vijayanagar. This temple is mainly a huge complex where Lord Shiva shrines are present with the shrines of Lord Vishnu and Lord Virabhadra. These religious temples are the examples of the warmness of believing and traditions of ancient rulers. In addition this temple is built in a very interesting architecture and has a large open court which is accessed as a main hall now-a-days. The structure of Nagalinga situated here is one of the largest structures of monolithic present in the country.

In addition the magnificent statue of Lord Ganesha attracts everyone’s attention in the temple. This temple is full of classic ambience with a number of lords paintings and the carvings on the wall. The travelers are quite fascinated by the splendid paintings and flawless carvings of the temple. So plan a trip to this beautiful and historic place. Lepakshi village is situated in the southern region of the state and at a distance of 120 kilometerss from Bangalore. Easy transfers are available from all over India to reach this place. It is well connected by way of road with the whole country, so the visitors will not find any difficulties in reaching this village.

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