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Who owns the media in India ?

- अरविन्द सिसोदिया         भारतीय मीडिया के मालिकाना हक़ के सन्दर्भ में यह आलेख स्वदेशी जागरण मंच की और से लिखा गया है , उत्तम लेख है ..!! http://www.facebook.com/swadeshijagranmanch    Who owns the media in India ? NDTV:A very popular TV news media is funded by Gospels of Charity in Spain Supports Communism. Recently it has developed a soft corner towards Pakistan because Pakistan President has allowed only this channel to be aired in Pakistan . Indian CEO Prannoy Roy is co-brother of Prakash Karat, General Secretary of the Communist party of India . His wife and Brinda Karat are sisters. India Todaywhich used to be the only national weekly which supported BJP is now bought by NDTV!! Since then the tone has changed drastically and turned into Hindu bashing. CNN-IBN: This is 100 percent funded by Southern Baptist Church with its branches in all over the world with HQ in US.. The Church annually allocates $800 million for promotion of its channel. Its Indian head is RajdeepS